PHP Openings

PHP Developer

PHP Developer

liquidfish is seeking a developer with a strong focus on PHP, Laravel, JS and MySQL.

As a developer you will be working diligently sculpting the magic that drives our clients' custom applications. You will be a part of a full-stack creative team that is responsible for all aspects of the ongoing software development from the initial specification, through to developing, testing and launching. Your desire is to push the envelope in order to help solve intricate business problems with robust, finely-calibrated, and creative solutions.


Able to Work Full Time at liquidfish HQ in OKC.

Outside of OKC? We'll relocate you.

Need sponsorship? We'll sponsor you.

The Day-To-Day:

  • Build and maintain applications for mobile and desktop
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Collaborate with the development team
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Participate in the review of business requirements and functional specifications, providing analysis and feedback
  • Perform QA on your own work along with others
  • Debug and troubleshoot software issues
  • Take initiative to research and learn emerging technologies

To Qualify You'll Need:

  • Proficient knowledge of at least a couple back-end languages: PHP, Ruby, Java, .NET, JS
  • Good handle on js and frameworks like Vue, React, Angular and jQuery
  • Understand how to handle scalability issues
  • The ability to implement heavily custom front-end designs and applications
  • A knack for attention to detail
  • Comfortable structuring a database from scratch
  • Understand security implications and how to mitigate them
  • Good understanding of build tools like webpack and gulp
  • Familiar with git and version control
  • Comfortable provisioning servers and hosting environments
  • Comfortable with the command line
  • Familiar with using VMs (VirtualBox, VMware, Vagrant) or containers like Docker
  • A good understanding of UI and UX
  • Familiar with responsive design techniques and implementation
  • Familiar with SASS or LESS
  • Good understanding of cross browser compatibility
  • Understands how to take feedback and improve work efficiently
  • Understanding of how to extract assets & UI from image processing software like Photoshop or Sketch
  • Able to manage and deliver multiple projects at once