Multiple Mutators for One Attribute in Laravel

On a recent project, I found the need to set the value of an attribute in an Eloquent model using input formatted in two different ways. One way was basically 'raw' input—copying a date field from a table in one database into a corresponding date field in my new table. As you can imagine, there's not much work to do in a case like this. A simple $myModel->date = $original_date where $myModel is an instance of my Eloquent model will do the trick. However, I also needed to store the value from a datepicker widget in a particular format to the same field at times, so it seemed convenient to create a mutator in my model that would automatically translate the datepicker format (which incidentally was "<full month name> <day of month>, <four digit year>, or as we like to say in PHP: 'F j, Y') into the standard MySQL format. So, I added the mutator to my model, tested the user interface, and all was good...

CHRIS HAANFebruary 8, 2017


The Value of Evaluating

As a Project Manager, my primary responsibility is keeping projects moving and on track. It makes it easier to view projects as a long checklist to get through—progressing from project to project—always looking forward and focusing on what’s ahead. In partnership with this method, taking the time to fully evaluate each project after its completion can benefit everyone involved, including the client. We use three measurements to do this: communication, scope, and timeframe. 

MADELINE HAIGHFebruary 1, 2017


Autonomy is Important

liquidfish isn’t your typical agency. We’ve grown to over 10 times our original size in as many years, owing in large part to an ideology which places innovation above all. Our websites aren’t based on turnkey templates or cookie cutter content management systems. Every aspect of our work–from design and development to copywriting and social media–is an opportunity to improve.

JONATHAN DAVISJanuary 25, 2017


The Importance of Art Direction in TV Show Intros

A central part of great storytelling is effectively setting the stage and establishing how the audience should feel going into your story. TV shows accomplish this with their intros. “Game of Thrones” fans hum emphatically along to the theme music as the camera flies across the world’s gameboard map, stopping at places the episode will visit, preparing the audience for the ride ahead. “Mad Men” viewers tumble and fall endlessly with Don Draper, reminding us of his inner freefall, while ending with his silhouette seated, outwardly cool and collected. One of my favorite show intros is the first season of “True Detective” on HBO, which won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design. Its accomplishment lies in taking a show with so many layers and themes and concisely touching on many of them with carefully chosen, provocative imagery. The intro splices characters, iconic scenes, and objects together in a beautiful yet dark and haunting way that I believe deserves analysis.

JON BENSONJanuary 18, 2017


The New Kevin Durant Website

Since his initiation into the public realm as an up-and-coming NBA player, Kevin Durant has continued to make a positive and lasting impact across the country through his foundation, the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation (KDCF). Many young people, especially at-risk youth in low-income communities, have benefitted from his generosity and dedication to fostering the next generation. Because of this, liquidfish was thrilled to have the opportunity to work on a project for someone who has brought so much positivity to our country and whose brand extends worldwide.

CODY BLAKEJanuary 3, 2017


DOOP: DOM Object Oriented Programming

I would like to show an example of what I call "DOOP" or DOM Object Oriented Programming.

GRANT VINSONDecember 21, 2016


Get Seen in 2017

2016 was a monumental year for liquidfish. We hired three new members of the family, welcomed Christopher Lee to his new role as Creative Director, and improved our SEO and PPC services. Those improvements have led us to expand our digital marketing services as a whole, and we’d love the opportunity to continue proving ourselves right here in Oklahoma City and beyond. That’s why we’re offering one free month of SEO to our clients who sign on for 2017— an average savings of over $1,000.

JONATHAN DAVISDecember 13, 2016


A Thankful Bunch

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season already approaching, I become more and more thankful for Thanksgiving. It is quickly becoming my favorite holiday because, in a society where busy is best, it’s the one day of the year that is dedicated to giving thanks, relaxing, and counting your blessings.

AMANDA GARYNovember 23, 2016


I Want You To Want Me

Building on Christopher's post, I would like to take this opportunity to express the importance of unique content to current and potential clients. Having an understanding of what makes your company “tick” is crucial to a successful campaign in every aspect of what we do, including copy, design, development, social, and SEO. During the initial “discovery” phase, our team explains how important it is to represent yourself in the fullest, most unique context. For me, as a copywriter, this pertains specifically to content.

CHRISTINA LINDSEYNovember 16, 2016


The More We Know

One of my favorite parts of being a designer is learning about new industries. Each new project brings something new to the table and keeps me on my toes for what’s to come. Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients and learn about their various industries. Some of the these include banking, industrial screen manufacturing, aircraft title insurance, colleges, athletes, drones, agricultural lime, digital security, land management, painting solutions, and hospitality. 

CHRISTOPHER LEENovember 9, 2016