What are liquidfish?
liquidfish are big-minded, future-focused, custom-creating, decision-making tech junkies.

Some describe us as progressive, attentive, nimble and original. Others say we're quirky, diverse, highly caffeinated and really, really, ridiculously good looking.

But, in short? We are designers and developers of integrated brand experiences that shape and influence the world around us. We engage, excite and elicit action from customers across multiple platforms.

Think about how and where customers interact with brands: It is not only offline or only online. It's both - sometimes, simultaneously. To accelerate growth and awareness, every touchpoint must be considered.

Our capabilities start with brand identity conception and encompass both traditional and digital media - from print, radio and outdoor, to social, SEO and mobile.

In everything we do, we promise to be overachievers, to turn the mundane into fun, and to keep our processes simple.


Our tried-and-true approach merges advanced technology with custom creative marketing. It's less small-scale tactics and more bold impacts. Less temporary achievements and more long-term thoughtfulness.

It is five-fold and drives real results:


Find answers to "Who are you now?" and "Who do you want to be?"


Get to the heart of your challenges and seek solutions.


Reach your target, resonate with their wants and needs, and leave them with something they'll remember.


Be more than a pretty face.
Make it work.


Flip the switch and keep it going.


We own the craftsman mentality: "Make every product better than it's ever been done before." We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty; fulfillment is seeing the fruits of our labor in your successes. Every project we touch gets a piece of who we are.

We live by the code of:


internal, external, process, trust

Cultivating a mutual trust within our team and with our clients through our precise and unique process.


skill, detail, quality, expertise, custom

Finding unique solutions to every challenge and continually improving ourselves, our work and our industry.


teamwork, culture, support, perspective

Listening to and learning from our team’s collective knowledge and expertise to produce the greatest outcomes.


bold, quirky, humble, passionate, individual, company

Embracing our individualities that enrich our culture.


creativity, innovative, unique, vision

Acting upon our curiosity to challenge what’s expected.

Tech Expertise

We were born and raised in the digital age. Adopting new technologies that enhance our capabilities is instinctive to us - which gives a significant advantage to you.

Over the years, we have studied countless concepts, styles and techniques. Today, we are fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, C#, Node, Objective-C, Swift, Java, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, NGINX, Apache and IIS - to name a few. These technologies are different tools in our Swiss Army Knife of expertise: We know the right one depends on the job, and we pull only what's needed.

This combination of experience and know-how translates into fluidly functioning websites that look as good as they perform. Just don't ask us to build template sites. That takes away all the fun - and challenge - of what we do best.