Creating a CSS-Only Hamburger Animation

What? An animated hamburger icon with no JavaScript?! Thats right, and it is pretty straightforward.

GRANT VINSONAugust 10, 2017


Web Development Dictionary (for Non-Web Developers)

When I started at liquidfish over two and half years ago, I had a very limited knowledge base about website design and development. While I had a small vocabulary from my previous job in marketing, it was nowhere near the level I am required to have to do my job well at a company like liquidfish, which is first and foremost a web development company. In the first few months, I not only had to learn how the company was run, but also absorb everything I could about the website development process. This was no easy feat—it took a long time to learn all I have learned—and even now, I find myself expanding my education every day.



Stop Planning, Start Doing

Some people call it “the hustle,” others “the grind”; regardless of how you prefer to work, it constitutes a huge percentage of our lives. That can sound bleak to some, but it’s what you choose to do with that time that truly impacts your quality of work, and in the long run, your quality of life.



Syncing Browser Time

Displaying the current time on a web page using Javascript seems like a simple task.  After all, you just create a new Date object and run it's toTimeString() method and you're good to go, right?  Well, yes and no.  That will certainly get you a representation of the current time, but unfortunately, the time that it gives you is just whatever the clock happens to be set to on the system on which it is running.  That would be great if all computer systems had their clocks were synchronized, but while it's pretty common for computers to use NTP (network time protocol) to retrieve their time settings, it's still not universal.

CHRIS HAANJune 29, 2017


Understand The Next Link In The Chain

I’m a web and graphic designer here at liquidfish and I've recently been toying with building my own portfolio website, but my development experience goes no deeper than an unresponsive site or two built with basic HTML and CSS. Thus, I needed the help of a “no coding required” service, but I also wanted something that granted a bit more control than the standard WYSIWYG template-based, “baby’s first website” functionality and layout options found in Wix, Adobe Portfolio, Squarespace, etc. 

JON BENSONJune 7, 2017


Packaging Node Apps

We like portable apps at liquidfish, but you will typically have a lot of dependencies with a node app. So, we were excited when we saw pkg from zeit. pkg allows you to package your node project into a compiled app.

BILLY DAVISMay 31, 2017


You Can’t Ski in OKC

I started at liquidfish in January of this year after having moved from Denver the week before. OKC actually reminds me of Denver twelve years ago, when it was still kind of a hidden gem not too many people knew about. OKC is my new hidden gem. Coming from Colorado, I’m used to having the opportunity for just about any outdoor activity I could imagine right outside my doorstep. One of my main concerns about moving here was that I wouldn’t be able to do these things anymore. But Oklahoma, you have surprised me. I think the only thing I can’t do here is ski. 

ERIN BURKEMay 10, 2017


How to Help Small Businesses Through Social Media

If you’re like me, you want to support small, local businesses, but your budget doesn’t always allow you to do so. What if I told you there were a simple yet effective way you can support your favorite businesses outside of purchases?  Well, there is! If you’re an active social media user, take notice: you can be a Brand Ambassador for your favorite businesses.



Coming to Terms (with Design Terms)

Communication is key when it comes to executing a great idea. I’ve found that projects can be hindered when not everyone is on the same page. Here are some of the most common design terms/concepts that I’ve seen being used incorrectly with a translation from “designer-ese” to normal English.

ZACK WALKERApril 26, 2017


Help me, Stack Overflow, You’re My Only Hope

I’ve answered almost 100 questions on Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow estimates I’ve impacted (helped?) almost 60,000 people and I currently stand in the top 25% of users reputation-wise. Those stats may sound like they’ve come from a seasoned veteran to the site but I’ve only casually answered a small handful of questions over the last two years… and I’m just getting started.