Understand The Next Link In The Chain

I’m a web and graphic designer here at liquidfish and I've recently been toying with building my own portfolio website, but my development experience goes no deeper than an unresponsive site or two built with basic HTML and CSS. Thus, I needed the help of a “no coding required” service, but I also wanted something that granted a bit more control than the standard WYSIWYG template-based, “baby’s first website” functionality and layout options found in Wix, Adobe Portfolio, Squarespace, etc. 

JON BENSONJune 7, 2017


Packaging Node Apps

We like portable apps at liquidfish, but you will typically have a lot of dependencies with a node app. So, we were excited when we saw pkg from zeit. pkg allows you to package your node project into a compiled app.

BILLY DAVISMay 31, 2017


You Can’t Ski in OKC

I started at liquidfish in January of this year after having moved from Denver the week before. OKC actually reminds me of Denver twelve years ago, when it was still kind of a hidden gem not too many people knew about. OKC is my new hidden gem. Coming from Colorado, I’m used to having the opportunity for just about any outdoor activity I could imagine right outside my doorstep. One of my main concerns about moving here was that I wouldn’t be able to do these things anymore. But Oklahoma, you have surprised me. I think the only thing I can’t do here is ski. 

ERIN BURKEMay 10, 2017


How to Help Small Businesses Through Social Media

If you’re like me, you want to support small, local businesses, but your budget doesn’t always allow you to do so. What if I told you there were a simple yet effective way you can support your favorite businesses outside of purchases?  Well, there is! If you’re an active social media user, take notice: you can be a Brand Ambassador for your favorite businesses.



Coming to Terms (with Design Terms)

Communication is key when it comes to executing a great idea. I’ve found that projects can be hindered when not everyone is on the same page. Here are some of the most common design terms/concepts that I’ve seen being used incorrectly with a translation from “designer-ese” to normal English.

ZACK WALKERApril 26, 2017


Help me, Stack Overflow, You’re My Only Hope

I’ve answered almost 100 questions on Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow estimates I’ve impacted (helped?) almost 60,000 people and I currently stand in the top 25% of users reputation-wise. Those stats may sound like they’ve come from a seasoned veteran to the site but I’ve only casually answered a small handful of questions over the last two years… and I’m just getting started.




The Bare Necessities of User Experience

We have information on what makes a good experience for users and who we need to accommodate, but sometimes the time or budget simply isn't there. When I first began to delve into UX, I kept running into the issue of believing I didn't have enough time to create all of these fantastic ideas the industry was raving about. After reading a handful of articles and doing a bit of playing around, I found that it doesn't take that much time to implement a few elements or ideas that will better your product’s quality. In this article, we are going to cover a few of the ideas that will get you on the right track, without breaking the bank.

GRANT VINSONApril 12, 2017


The Wrong Crowd

Logo design can often seem like a complicated process, and as a result, crowdsourcing has become a popular trend for companies looking for a quick fix for their logo design issue. However, crowdsourcing lessens the quality and level of creativity in the design industry and has negative consequences on the rest of us. Your logo is the face of your company and should be treated with the same level of thought and craft as the rest of your business. Important aspects of your company should relate to this mark, so when it isn’t fully developed or is designed by an amateur, it can have far-reaching consequences. Your mark’s shortfalls can convey a lessened sense of legitimacy, professionalism, and cohesion for your company as a whole, and your marketing efforts can suffer as a result. This post is to help educate and provide the benefits of going to a professional company for logo design.



Pay It Forward

I am lucky enough to work at a company that loves to give back to the local community. In my two years at liquidfish, we have worked on countless of websites and numerous print projects for nonprofits, and have also taken days off to volunteer in the community. I personally love to volunteer my time to numerous organizations including the Redbud Classic, Junior League of Oklahoma City, and Art With A Heart. My heart is truly happy when both my work and personal life align for a worthy cause. 



Spring Has Sprung! (almost)

Spring has sprung, and if you’re like everyone at liquidfish, there has been more “spring” in your step lately. In only a few short days, we’ll have an extra hour of sunlight. This means no more driving home from work when the sun has already begun to set, and no more long evenings stuck inside because it’s too cold to go out. The lively days of warm weather, pretty flowers, outdoor events, and patio vibes are almost here!

AMANDA GARYMarch 9, 2017